The 14th Belgrade Selftranscendence Ultramarathon

25/26 September 2010, Belgrade


The 14th Belgrade Ultramarathon (24-, 12-Hour and 6-Hour Race) takes place on 25/26 September 2010. The 24-Hour Race and the 6-Hour Race start on Saturday 25 September at noon, 12-Hour Race starts the same day at midnight.


Like every year, Race takes place at Usce, by the Recna Mornarica. Flat, 2 km long race course follows the walking and cycling track in the Park of International Friendship.


Organizer, Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, provides dormitories, toilets, 24-hour food and counting station, as well as the medical personnel.


Awards ceremony takes place one hour after the Race finishes, near the start area. All finishers get the certificate and the medal. The winners get nice trophies. The 24- and 12-Hour races have categories: below 50 years and above 50 years, men and women separately. Team relay 12-hour race (up to 12 team members, exchange every hour). The 6-Hour Race is the official Serbian Championship and it is based on the rules of the Serbian Ultramarathon Association.


Entry costs: 24-Hour Race 20 EUR; 12-Hour Race 15 EUR; 6-Hour Race 10 EUR; Teams 10 EUR per team member.


Registration: by phone or directly at start (latest one and a half hour before the start of the Race).


Information and registration:

Phone 1: +381 (0)11 412 11 92
Phone 2: +381 (0)60 342 71 63