The 17th Selftranscendence Winter Marathon

4 March 2012, Niš, Serbia


The 17th Selftranscendence Winter Marathon will take place on Sunday, 4 March 2012. Marathon starts at 10,00 a.m. and half-marathon starts at 11,00 a.m.

Every year around 100 runners from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia/Hercegovina and Bulgaria enjoy this first-in-the-year marathon race in Serbia.

Flat 1070m lap lies in the park Čair, in the middle of the city of Niš.

The 16th Winter Marathon 2011, start of the marathon race.

Organizer provides changing rooms, toilet, food station and counting station.

All finishers get a certificate and a lunch-bag. The winners get nice trophies.

Entry costs: 700,00 RSD (7 EUR), same for both races.
Registration: by e-mail, phone or directly at start (from 8,30 to 9,30 a. m. for marathon, from 8,30 to 10,30 for half-marathon).

Information and registration:
       Phone:   +381 (0)62 83 44 627
       E-mail:  [email protected]


The 16th Wihter Marathon 2011, start of the half-marathon race.