The 18th Selftranscendence Winter Marathon

3 March 2013, Niš, Serbia



The 18th Selftranscendence Winter Marathon will take place on Sunday, 3 March 2013. Marathon starts at 10,00 a.m. and half-marathon starts at 11,00 a.m.

Every year around 100 runners from Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia, Bosnia/Hercegovina and Bulgaria enjoy this first-in-the-year marathon race in Serbia.

Flat 1057m lap lies in the park Čair, in the middle of the city of Niš. Marathoners must complete 40 laps, half-marathoners 20 laps.

The 17th Winter Marathon 2012, start of the marathon race.

Organizer provides changing rooms, toilet, food station and counting station.

All finishers get a certificate and a lunch-bag. The winners get nice trophies. Categories: under 50 years, 50-60 years and over 60 years.

Entry costs: 800,00 RSD (9 EUR), same for marathon and half-marathon.

Registration: by e-mail, phone or directly at start (from 8,30 to 9,30 a. m. for marathon, from 8,30 to 10,30 for half-marathon).

Information and registration:
       Phone:   +381 (0)62 83 44 627
       E-mail:  [email protected]